Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Vatican, Homosexuals and Slavery. Oh My!

You probably thought I'm an ex-Protestant. Wrong! I'm an ex-Roman-Catholic. So, to Roman-Catholics. You're probably saying that "The Pope isn't an infallible man, we know that". Yes, but if GOD is on the Pope's side than he(The Pope) would agree with GOD on major issues.

However, in times when slavery was popular the Pope would condone slavery. Also, The Pope owned slaves, himself. Now, does that sound like GOD guides the Pope, himself?

What about homosexuality? Homosexuality, in Roman-Catholicism, is currently BANNED by the Pope. I think homosexuality is a major issue. Thus, The Roman-Catholic GOD hates homosexuality. Gay Roman-Catholics(I know one, so I'm not trying to offend them), how do you explain that?

What about nuns. Roman-Catholic Nunhood is like devoting your life to be poor for a corrupt business. It's cruel to make money off of other people being poor. The Roman-Catholic Church is making money off others suffering, still!

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