Sunday, January 2, 2011

Conservapedians aren't biased. Yeah right.

Conservapedians and Wikipedians are moral enemies. Conservapedians say that "Wikipedia has liberal bias, CONSERVApedia doesn't have any bias". As a Wikipedian(I don't have an account, BTW) I find that claim weird. Since Conservatism is the name of CONSERVApedia. I can understand making a Conservative 'encyclopædia' but claiming it's unbiased is another thing.

Yeah right. Conservapedians, watch this video.

The only affiliation I have this person is that I watch his video and I will put them on my blog.

I want you check his videos.

--- Goodbye!!!

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  1. Great quote expect an appearance on the Quotes and Miscellaneous page of my blog when it is up again (some how it deleted most of itself).