Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A message from Yahweh(and others), themselves!

Hello, I'm Yahweh(or Jehovah, I'm not going to tell which spelling is correct, ha ha!). Look, I'm very sorry for writing the Bible and Qur'an. It was supposed to be fiction to make a point. Now that you that I wrote the Bible and Qur'an to make a point, can you guess what the point is?

I don't send people to heaven or hell. I also have a wife(who does not wish to speak) named Asherah and a friend named Ba'al. I created the religion, so people can join the Canaanite religion.

If you are a member of the Canaanite religion, good job!

So, now I'm giving it to Ba'al.

Thanks, Yahweh. Me and Yahweh are very different. Yah and I are great friends.

Asherah decides she wants to speak, so she will.

I worry for my husband. He always doing brace acts, that could get him killed.

--- By Yahweh, Ba'al and Asherah

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