Saturday, January 15, 2011

Theists, why do you believe?

"Why do you believe in the theistic god" is a good question.

This is also a chance for theists to try to convert me. Here is what you CAN'T do to try to convert me, since you can only convert with logic and reason. This list is The Unalist.

  • Skipcoding your holy text(s). Like for Juedo-Christians, the Bible Codes. I could skipcode The God Delusion(if it was in the public domain) and get pretty much anything. Holy texts are the same in that respect.
  • Unclear verses. You can't convert me with verses that could have many meanings. If you can prove your interpretation is correct, you're okay.
  • An event that may or may have not happened. That needs no explanation.
  • With Junk Science(like creationism). I know many theists believe in evolution. Just saying for the ones that do.
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