Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jewish people AREN'T Israelites


Jewish people claim that there Israelites. There not the only group the claim, just the most famous one.

I am going to try to show why I don't believe Jewish people are Israelites.

First, what does Israelite mean? defines it as....(Source #1)

"a descendant of Jacob, esp. a member of the Hebrew people who inhabited the ancient kingdom of Israel."

So a descendant of Jacob. We can all agree to be a descendant of someone you must also be a descendant of there children. So if you're an Israelite you're must either a

  • Reubenite
  • Simeonite
  • Levite
  • Judahite
  • Danite
  • Naphtalite
  • Gadite
  • Asherite
  • Issacharite
  • Zebulunite
  • Josephite
  • Benjaminite
There is only 2 Israelite tribes still in existence. So if you're an Israelite you must be a
  • Levite
  • Asherite
So if you aren't in one of those tribes, you're not an Israelite. Not all Jewish people are Levites or Asherites. Therefore, Not all Jewish people aren't Israelites.

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Oh darn it! I forgot the sources. Woopsie.

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