Friday, January 28, 2011

Is the law based on the Bible? Lets look!

Christians claim that law is based on the Bible. Really? Lets test the "Holy" Bible.

The Book of Joshua is the prime example. Why?
  • Joshua and his army kills civilians, on purpose. With is a war CRIME. And yeah Joshua was ordered by the God who gave the law we are judging him by. At least that's what Christians say.
  • Joshua stepped on the necks of kings. With, even in war, is cruel and illegal. Joshua 10:24
Okay, maybe I'm picking on the easy guy. I mean this is a story about war. So lets see a civilian example.

Jephthah kills his own daughter in Judges 11 to please GOD.

Click here to see more examples of cruelty in the "Holy" Bible.

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