Friday, December 24, 2010

The Lessons of Evolution: OOOOO.. A quiz! PART 1

The Lessons of Evolution: OOOOO.. A quiz!

Okay, a blog called "The Lessons of Evolution" has posted a quiz to Evolutionists by "Dr." Kent Hovind. Some these questions aren't about evolution at all but I give it shot.

"Where did the space for the universe come from?"

Kent, this has NOTHING to with evolution and EVERYTHING to do with cosmology. However, I will answer it. Ever heard of the multiverse theory? It says there is more the one universe, basically. So it must have come from another universe that doesn't exist.

"Where did matter come from?"

See Answer to your 1st question.

"Where did the laws of the universe come from?"

Psychics already existed so it shaped the world in to the world we have today. It shaped the chaos and order. Just what you would if natural processes shaped the universe and not a being you call God. Come on! When will talk about evolution not cosmology.

"How did matter get so perfectly organized?"

See Answer to your 3rd question.

"Where did the energy come from to do all the organizing"
In the Universe

"When, where, why and how did life come from dead matter?"

When? The Early days of the earth. Where? Someone on the earth. Why? The conditions where right for abiogenesis. How? Abiogenesis

"When, where, why and how did life learn to reproduce itself?"

Finally, Something about evolution! The answer is genetics. Genes are built to try to live a long time. So they reproduce to make some genes pass on and live.

"With what did the first cell of sexual reproduction reproduce"

I honestly don't know. Just because we don't something about evolution doesn't make it false. If it was that way Holocaust Denial would be true. I really hope your not a holocaust denier.

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