Sunday, December 26, 2010

Atheism: Majority | Religion: Minority It happened(in the UK)

So, I was on good website, BTW) and I saw a very surprising article about how 51%(a majority) of Brits are atheists. Now, I give the source to the article. Click this sentence to view the article I am sourcing.

Now, The Guardian(and Richard Dawkins) calls Britain a 'majority non-religious nation'.

This is a major achievement in Atheist movement.

Now a message the British:

Dear Brits,
I hope the contents of this blog post doesn't offend you. But that's not what I talking about in this letter. I would like to talk a bit about politics. I don't think you should only elect Atheist leaders. I am writing this because in my Christian-majority nation(USA) only Christians can get elected.

Steve or the 11-Year Old Atheist

P.S. It was written in American English not Real English. That's because I only know American "English". Sorry about that.

--- Bye!

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