Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A good atheist is a believer who wants to be enslaved by believers

I was on Pharyngula and there was a weird article. It was about a so-called atheist who was saying who was a "good atheist" and a "bad atheist".


So if you read the article she was basically saying a good atheist is a believer who is called an atheist and who wants to be enslaved by believers.

I don't see why anyone would do it. I guess with a very population you can basically find any person you can imagine.

The "bad atheists" are pretty much every single atheist(excluding babies) on this planet.

Nice try, however this is a very bad method for converting us atheists.

I like what P. Z. Myers said

Personally, I'd rather be the Bad Atheist. At least I've got my self-respect.
--- Bye!

Postscript: The person P. Z. Myers and I am talking about is named S. E. Cupps.

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