Saturday, December 25, 2010


Indegian is a word I completely made-up that means
Someone with independent religious views.

Now, Indegian doesn't apply to people who found a religion and makes churches and evangelize and stuff like that.

Exclusive Indegianism:
Exclusive Indegianism is a view that no one can join my Indegian religion. We're going to call this religion Exclusivianism. Exclusivian do you see the problem with your view. You think Exclusivianism is right.

Exclusivian: Yes, I do think Exclusivianism is true.

Me: Shouldn't people believe in the true stuff?

Exclusivian: Okay, I guess people can believe in Exclusivianism.

Me: What does Exclusivianism teach?

Exclusivian explains to me about Exclusivianism. I don't believe, stay atheist.

Non-Exclusive Indegianism:
It's the view that yes I have an Indegian religion and I can talk about it and people can believe in it but I don't try to evangelize or make churches like these "traditional religions".

I honestly see nothing with this type of Indegianism. I am an atheist with means I don't believe in the fundamental concept of MOST religions that there is a creator being. We'll discuss if there can be atheistic religion later.

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