Tuesday, March 15, 2011

God must take Charlie Sheen

So, Charlie Sheen is the news because he is a celebrity drug addict. He says he has taken a drug called Charlie Sheen. However, he has survived Charlie Sheen and has turned into a mass-murdering warmongerer.

There is a survivor of Charlie Sheen who needs to go a looney bin, however, he has a lot of followers. What is his name? His name is Jehovah/Yahweh(no one how to pronounce this name), I Am and Jealous.

You see, he must be taking Charlie Sheen because he has THREE/FOUR names for himself. Also, in order to stop his mass-murdering and warmongering he had to kill his OWN SON.

Signs that either he is taking Charlie Sheen or lots of drugs at once:
  • He is mass-murdering warmongerer
  • He has 3/4 names for himself
  • In order to stop his own mass-murdering and warmongering he killed his own son, who, unlike him, is a pacifist.
  • He thinks that the Trinity, which doesn't make sense, is true.
I don't believe in prohibition, however, we need an expection for whatever version of Charlie Sheen God is taking.


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