Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A 1-Party Monopoly in the U.S.?

The GOP is losing favour lately in United States, the Democratic Party is getting more support. There powerful now, but I predict that the GOP will lose favour, and when it does the American people will probably turn to the Democratic Party.

However, there is a lot of other Political Parties. I am sure that Democrats and Republicans reading this will secretly say to themselves, "I agree more with the (insert party here) Party more than mine".

So here is a list:
  • Libertarian Party: Are you a free-market capitalist, libertarian and non-interventionist? Then this is party for you!
  • Green Party: Are you a populist, social democrat, politically green, grassroots democratic and a progressive. Then this is the party for you!
  • Jefferson Republican Party: Do you like Jefferson's Democratic-Republican Party? Are you pro-states' rights, against illegal immigration, and LARGELY Anti-War, however, want to celebrate American soldiers from the American Independence War. Then this is the party for you!
  • Tanner Party: Are you for the freedom of religion and think defence is the ONLY justification for fighting a war? Do you support a lot of secession movements and want the Union not to exist at all? Then this is the party for you!
  • Communist Party USA: Are you a Marxist-Leninist, but think that one should have the freedom of religion? Then this is the party for you!
  • Socialist Party USA: Are you a democratic socialist and pacifist? Then this is the party for you!
Those are the political parties I know of, there is a lot more.


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