Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Tanner Party


I know I promised to quickly make a blog post criticizing religion, and I am working on it. It is going to be a big(not literally) anti-religion post. However, in this blog post I am going to make "The Tanner Party". A political party that promotes, among other things, Cascadian Independence.

This blog-post is also the OFFICIAL Tanner Party website.


The official colors of the Tanner Party is black(because it is the color on our logo) and green(the color of hope).

The 1-letter abbreviation for the Tanner Party(like a Democratic senator in DC would be D-DC or for Greens G-DC or Republicans R-DC etc.) is (drumroll please?) T. The 3-letter abbreviation for the Tanner Party is TAN.

If you want to join this party, you are member. We have no problem with Tanners joining other parties as long they don't contradict a whole lot(Tanners can disagree with some of the Tanner Party's views as long as they agree with a lot of the Tanner Party's views) with the Tanner Party(I am sure there are such parties).

1. We all have heard right now about the terrible conflict in Libya. The Tanner Party fully supports the anti-Gaddafi people, and we[1] hope that Gaddafi is brought to justice! We, honestly, think that Gaddafi and his soldiers(aka troops) will lose. (2/27/2011)
2. It is the end of the month in which this party was founded, so far it doesn't have a Wikipedia page, yet[2]. We would like to have hope for the next month for Tanner Party(and the world in general).

6. Made a statement about the end of the month. Changed the logo section.
5. Added a 'Statements' section, the Tanner Party gave it's statement about the protests(if you can call it that) in Libya. (2/27/2011)
4. Added a 'Q&A' section. (2/22/2011)
3. I have made a guide to say how to join the Tanner Party. (2/21/2011)
2. We have made the OFFICIAL Tanner Party logo! (2/18/2011)
1. This is the OFFICIAL site of the Tanner Party, but it has a long URL address. Thanks to TinyURL we can give you a shorter link. The URL is

Questions that people might ask or Q&A:
1. If you are a libertarian than why do you have your own party? Answer: Not all libertarians agree with the Libertarian Party, just like not all Conservatives agree with the Conservative Party.

2. Is this party officially registered? No, mainly because of my age(I wish I was a lot older).

3. Can Non-Cascadians be Tanners? Yes, as long they agree with Cascadian independence or it is one the few things the Tanner in question disagrees with the Tanner Party about. It is, practically an international party.

4. You are 11-years old, why did you found a political party knowing that your enemies(people who disagree with me, not enemies like people who hate me) could use it against you? First, I founded a political party because I disagreed with all other parties over one thing or another and I am political active. Second, people who disagree with me use anything they can find against me. So what? Also, I no problem with people who disagree with me, I think it is a good thing.

Cascadia, among other areas, should be independent.

1. Cascadia is defined by this party as the area of British Columbia, Washington(State) and Oregon.
2. Hawaii and Alaska should also be independent.
3. An area, that isn't Cascadia, is ruled by the Cascadian government must demand independence!

Defence and Police:
Cascadia should have a good defence and police.

1. IF the defence(military) can defend Cascadia without killing people(war) than it should!
2. The defence can't offend other countries, only defend.
1. The police shouldn't arrest people for stuff that doesn't harm anyone in any way, shape or form.
2. The death penalty should be used if it's FULLY provable that the person did crime and if it absolutely necessary. If it can be avoided than it should.

LGBT Matters:
People should have the same rights as everyone else, regardless of Sexual Orientation.

1. If you believe your God that you worship doesn't like homosexuals than you should not be one, but you shouldn't force people to not be gay.
2. Gay marriage should be legal.

Plural Marriage:
1. People can be in a Plural Marriage, the most common form is polygamy.

1. You be free to have the freedom to believe anything, but the government shouldn't forcefully make you invoke a belief without your permission.

Capital City of Cascadia:
1. The capital city of Cascadia should be made after Cascadia gets independent, it should be called Cascad.

Sales Tax:
1. People shouldn't be 'sales taxed'.

Nolan Chart and Left-Right spectrum:
There has been a debate between whether the Nolan Chart or Left-Right spectrum is true. Due to that debate thought we would share our position on both of those charts.
1. On the Left-Right we are on the left(we are open to change).
2. On the Nolan Chart we are libertarian.

Name of members:
1. Members are called Tanners.

Open Borders:
1. The Tanner Party wants open borders.

Socialism, Communism and Capitalism:
The Tanner Party doesn't have an official view on this matter. However, the founder, Steve T. R., is a capitalist considering socialism. Because of this the Tanner Party may suggest to elect for president, mayor and/or governor(in any country, see Q&A #3) a capitalist, socialist, communist or other.

Number #1: Okay, there is only one guy in the Tanner Party administration, currently. However, I(or we) refer to the Tanner Party as 'we' because parties usually refer to themselves as 'we' and other people refer to them as 'they'.
Number #2: Some very, very minor parties(like the Jefferson Republican Party, or the 51st State Party) have Wikipedia pages, in fact some parties that where founded this year(2011) that are minor have Wikipedia pages. So why can't we?


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