Sunday, February 6, 2011

Biblical Literalism VERSUS Conservative Christianity

We all know about the Conservative Bible Project. Right? Well, why did they make it? They made it(The Conservative Bible Project) to make the Bible conform to their own political biases.
Is there liberalism in the Bible? Yes, if you exclude the Old Testament, like most Christians do.
  • Jesus, himself, was angry at using the holy temple as way to get money.
  • He said the rich can't get into heaven.
  • He said to sell your possessions and give them to the poor.
  • He said to love your enemies(take that Yahweh!) and neighbours.
  • He forgive people for nothing(he gave people forgiveness for stuff they did, I meant that he got nothing out forgiving them).
  • He cared about the poor and hated the rich.
Noticed how I used a lot of italics.
Conservative Christianity teaches us the opposite of the Gospels. Right-wing(Conservative) and down-wing(Authoritarian) Christians, explain please how the Bible contradicts your political views.

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