Sunday, April 10, 2011

Theocracy: A Criticism

I am a fan of politics and religion so I will intermix them. It is bad enough that we live in a capitalistic society, now some Oligarchs want to the United Empire of Terra, or the United States, in to the Theocratic Empire of Terra. Here is why theocracy sucks.

Theocracy is basically a form of government were a religion or sect is its laws and the constitution is the holy book of the religion. In a theocracy, god or a god is the dictator of the country.

As most people of faith will say, their belief is based on faith. I won't criticize that but if you can't prove the existence of a being than why should it be the leader of a nation? If you want to believe based on faith, go ahead but don't tell me that your god or your favorite god should be a nation.

In conclusion, you can have faith but it is bad to force on every once else. Excluding Vatican City since nobody who isn't part of the Catholic Church is related to it can became a citizen(for good reasons).


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